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Featuring Amish-made End Tables

Amish-made end tables are often that special ingredient that pulls the room together, especially if it is furnished with other furniture made by the Amish masters. End tables are placed in living rooms, dens and family rooms next to sofas and other seating pieces. They add function to rooms because often they are an ideal place for a lamp, a remote control, or for setting a drink.

Typically, an Amish-made end table has at least one drawer for storage. Though end tables are more likely to have an open base, there are many with storage options. Many end tables are about 25 inches high.

Pictured on the left: Shaker end table with drawer and a bottom shelf. Simple and traditional, this end table compliments any seating arrangement with a solid surface and storage area. 

How are Amish-made end tables different?

When you buy Amish-made end tables from us, you have numerous options to customize them, including selecting the wood, the finish, and hardware elements to make sure it works well with your decor.

Amish masters whose inventory we carry use real solid wood. Many other manufacturers use a particle board to make end tables. 

In addition, all drawer boxes feature English dovetailed joints. The primary advantage to using dovetail drawers is the durability and strength it creates. Because the two pieces are interlocked together, there’s little-to-no chance of them pulling apart. 

Furthermore, the Amish masters use Mortise and Tenon Joinery, the strongest joint that can be used.

Furniture that’s made with low-quality joints often starts to wobble after a couple of years of use.

To keep up with the new furniture trends while staying true to tried-and-tested, the Amish masters continue to offer new finishes and new specialty colors, as well as ways to combine them.

Amish-made end table from the Olde Farmstead collection. Mortise and tenon construction. Hand distressing (optional). Hardwood maple top and ash base. Hand-hammered steel bands with a rough-sawn base.

What are popular finishes for end tables?

Amish furniture with Distressed finish has been popular with our customers for a while now because it hides naturally the inevitable wear and tear that occurs over the years.

A wide variety of distressing options on our solid hardwood furniture pieces are available. These types of finishes are used to create a time-worn, antique or vintage look. They can be used with a combination of stains, paints, glazes and other age-marking techniques to create that one of a kind look that our customers love.

Light Distressing

Light distressing is a mixture of different techniques to create the look of antique furniture that has aged naturally into a beautiful patina. The distress marks add character to the finished furniture. That finish has light to medium pinholes, small “wormholes”, some indentations and nicks, slightly eased edges and wear-through, light rasp markings and hand rubbed glazing.

Woodbury end table by Homestead. Shown in Rustic Cherry with Golden Brown stain.

Antique look (without the price tag of an authentic antique piece)

Amish finishers use a multi-step process using combinations of stains, paints, and glazes. This option gives our customers choices for alternative finishes like “antiqued” or “worn”. Applying these products in layers results in a unique distressed finish.

The final step to all colors whether applied individually or using the layering technique, is several coats of lacquer, giving them a smooth satin finish.

Light Distressing Sample


Wormholes are actually holes that resemble the look of authentic wormholes, they are placed in the wood using a tool called an ice pick. The holes vary in size and are often placed in the knotty area where the worm would have actually burrowed in the tree.

Amish-made end tables finish example: Wormholes

Wormholes example

Amish-made End Table; Craftsmen 1-door End Table

Craftsmen 1-door end table with ample storage for books and miscellaneous items.

Amish-made end table from the Reno Collection

Amish-made end table, The Reno Collection. Beveled glass top. Powdered coated steel base. Also available in a wood top. Wood is wormy maple with authentic wormholes and sap streaks that are best shown in the lighter or natural stain finishes 

New Specialty Colors

New specialty colors that are becoming popular for end tables and other Amish furniture are Dark Knight, River Rock, and Weathered Driftwood. Please click on an image below to enlarge.

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It is difficult to cover in this short article a wide variety of end tables and choices that come with them. If you are looking for Amish-made end tables, or their “cousins” – chair tables, nightstands, coffee tables or occasional tables, please come visit us at our store. We are always happy to help you make the best selection that is sure to delight you. 

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