badge_02-SOLID-materials Quality Products start with Quality Materials.

Solid wood distinguishes our Indoor and Outdoor furniture. And not just solid wood but solid oak, solid maple, solid cherry for our furniture, solid Redwood, or solid cedar for our playsets. Other furniture manufacturers use the phrase solid wood describing the furniture and though technically it is solid wood but often  it is wood chips and the glue and veneer.

To be fair – veneer has improved over the years but it is a lot more susceptible to peeling scratching or dents. And when you use the solid oak or cherry lumber it is much harder finish and more stable and will last longer. It is the kind of furniture that you pass on from generation to generation.

Our WoodPlay playsets are made of California Redwoods which is by far the best type of wood material that you could find for playsets. It is the best because it does not warp or twist which often happens with pressure treated wood. The Redwood also doesn’t have the chemicals that the playsets made out of pressure treated wood have. It does not splinter the same way as pressure-treated wood does.

We do not incorporate chipboard in our heavy-duty sheds as well. We use all plywood products. You can see on the inside of the sheds that it is a solid plywood product.

Here at the Amish Outlet, we strive to be a step above compared to what our competitors offer in craftsmanship and materials. 99% of what we sell is made in the USA of quality lumber and materials


Distinct Craftsmanship

We started the Amish Outlet with the idea of offering the best quality U.S.A. made storage sheds, furniture, playsets and gazebos. It is well-known that Amish craftsmen are famous for the quality of their indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as sheds, gazebos, and other things that they make.

That is why we focused on bringing only the items that are extremely well done. Over the years we have branched out a little and now we offer products made by other American manufacturers that produce high-quality items.

There is a big interest in the marketplace for the items that have been time tested and have a great lasting value. A lot of people look at buying furniture, sheds, gazebos not only as useful and beautiful utilities, but also a great investment that will increase in value over time.

If you’re looking for furniture that you need only for a few years and you know that you will be replacing it in a few years, then buying our furniture man may not be the best choice. But if you’re looking for furniture that will last you a long time and then you could pass along to younger generations then what we sell definitely will satisfy that requirement.


Many Flexible Options

Many flexible options are available when choosing furniture for your home, your storage shed, your garden furniture or your children’s swing set or playset.

A lot of our furniture such as dining room sets, the bedroom sets, entertainment centers could be ordered in Maple, oak, or cherry wood. There is an unlimited number of finishes that could be applied to any of the wood. We can also two-tone some of the materials and that seems to be a very popular trend lately. For example a golden oak top on a dresser surface and the rich tobacco type finish along with golden knobs and it just creates a whole new look of the furniture that you can custom design for yourself.

As far as flexibility for the storage sheds is concerned we’ve got a model:” If You Can Dream We Can Build It”. We offer more than just basic storage sheds, for example, if you wanted a cabana for outside of your pool or your pool house or even structures that look more like a gazebo, we can provide all of those structures. And there is an unlimited number of things that could be customized: colors, textures, add-ons and so on.

The same goes for playsets – there is a lot of customization that is available for playsets especially with WoodPlay playsets. They could be as small or as large as you want with just basic choices or unlimited number of add-ons. It is up to your imagination.


Financing Available

We accept most credit cards. We also have a finance program which is available from Wells Fargo which gives most customers interest-free financing for six months and in most cases we can extend the period of financing beyond six months if the customer so desires. The customers have to apply in store for Wells Fargo financing.