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Are you looking for the Best Furniture in Rochester NY?

In our quest to offer our customers the Best Furniture at the Best possible prices we found Best Home Furnishings. It is a 100% American made furniture manufactured in Ferdinand, Indiana.

Why do we think it is the BEST furniture? We didn’t just take their word for it.We went to their factory and watched them make the Best furniture. We were very much impressed by the processes and quality control they have in place.

A[/fusion_dropcapll their wood frames are made from solid hardwoods that are individually cut from computer models so that there are no knots or flaws. Each piece of wood is examined by photo sensors so that the computer can reject any material that may have weaknesses or fail over time.

Their furniture design and the fabrics that they choose provide our customers with one of the most COMFORTABLE products on the market, with amazing durability and longevity.

Best offers hundreds of different fabric colors, patterns, and designs, probably close to five hundred. There’s such a wide variety of colors to choose from that there’s something available to fit pretty much every customer’s taste. And, the upholstery is mainly just soap and water washable. Some of the products do require furniture solvent to clean properly, but in most cases, especially with the microfiber series, it’s very difficult to get dirty or even stained because liquids will just run right off rather than sinking in.

How can they offer good prices if their manufacturing process is so strict?

Because they are a volume manufacturer. They are producing as many as 5,000 chair seats per day, they have the technology, the buying power, and the economy of scale to produce an exceptional quality product while keeping their prices low.

We sell a tremendous number of Best products that are what the industry calls “motion products”, such as a sofa where each end becomes a recliner just by flipping a lever. Because of Best’s expertise in these motion products, they are also able to produce a superb standalone recliner, much better than name brand products such as Lazy Boy, and others, that end up producing overseas.

Glider rocker with padded arms by Best Home Furnishings

The most popular Best product we sell are glide rockers, which sell in the $400 range, are very comfortable chairs that glide back and forth if you sit on them, and are excellent for new mothers. The Mission Glide Rocker for example, comes in in Heirloom Oak or Distressed Pecan, and again, with hundreds of fabric choices. Overall though, Best has such a wide range of products that very popular with our clientele, including motion sofas, love seats, recliners, and chairs, that it’s hard to give weight to one particular type of item.

This is why we use Best Home Furnishings as one of our major suppliers of upholstered furniture.

Please take a look at some of the items by BEST Home Furnishings.

We carry a very large Best furniture inventory, but we might not have the item you are looking for on the floor. We are able to get it for you fast and to make sure the item that you get is exactly what you are looking for.

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Select Examples of Dining Room furniture we carry

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Want to know the price or available options? VISIT us or CALL us 585.889.8520