Popular Recliners in Greater Rochester, NY area

High back recliner with Oak Queen Anne legs by Lancer Furniture

High back recliner by Lancer with Oak Queen Anne legs. Leg finish options are Cherry, Oak, White and Black

Recliners are very popular with our Greater Rochester, NY customers. Most recliners we sell are by Best Home Furnishings. The second most popular brand of recliners are by Lancer Furniture. Three main reasons recliners are growing in popularity are:

Style – it is easy to find one that complements your existing furnishings and space

Affordability – considering the comfort and benefits that they offer, they are very affordable

Health Benefits – it is not just the comfort, as most of our customers have discovered. Comfortable reclining is also good for your health!

What Health Benefit Do Recliners Offer?

  • Improved Circulation

  • Back Pain Relief

  • Easier Breathing

  • Reduced Stress on the body and nervous system

  • Improved Digestion

Power recliner by Lancer Furniture.

Power recliner by Lancer Furniture. Fabric shown is Hopsack Bark. Available as a Power or a Manual.
Width: 36″ Depth: 40″ Height: 43″