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Amish Furniture From Ohio by Homestead

Introducing to our customers our new vendor, Homestead Furniture, an Amish Furniture Maker from Ohio We are always trying to discover and introduce to our customers vendors that combine solid tradition, creativity, innovation and artistry to craft furniture that will endure generati [...]

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Mission Furniture

7  Reasons Why People Love Mission Furniture   High Investment Value: Mission style furniture is built to last for many generations. It's time-tested appeal to collectors goes back to early 1900. Unique Design: Mission furniture is not mass-produced on industrial m [...]

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Hand Crafted Amish Furniture by Country Value

Amish Outlet & Gift Shop is a fifth consecutive year Gold Medal Winner of the Rochester Choice Award in the Hand Crafted Furniture Store category. Visit Us. Discover the difference! Are you looking for a special hand-crafted piece of furniture that will last for years t [...]

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