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Looking for Dining Room Furniture in Rochester, NY?

Come to the Amish Outlet & Gift Store and check out Amish-made dining room sets. Come to our store and check out the items we carry, touch them, see them, feel the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amish-Made Dining Room Furniture

Q  What are the advantages of Amish-made dining room furniture?

A The Amish furniture masters make the sturdiest dining room furniture on the market for a number of reasons. Here’s TOP 3:

  • Time-tested furniture-making traditions

    The dining room furniture that we sell here at the Amish outlet comes from two major suppliers that have been making dining room furniture for almost a century, carrying on centuries-old traditions.

  • Quality of Materials

    Our Amish supplies make the products out of solid Oak, solid Cherry, solid Maple. They use only the top quality wood and the materials in the glides, mechanisms, and details.

  • Assembly

    The Amish-made tables are made by one or two people who complete the first part then move on to the next, then put it all together and sand and finish each piece of furniture to perfection unlike furniture made by other manufactures where a number of different individuals each work on different part and then a piece of furniture is put together by another person.

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Q  Is the Dining Room Furniture that you carry from Solid Wood?

A The biggest factor that people need to know about dining room furniture, and the biggest difference that they’re going to find between the furniture that we carry in our store and other furniture stores in Rochester, New York is that a lot of other stores advertise their products as solid wood. When somebody says solid wood a red flag should go up. Often that means veneer on a particle board. And sometimes in Value Stores it’s veneer on cardboard. What you need to realize when you come to the Amish outlet is that you are getting solid Oak pieces or solid Maple pieces or solid Cherry pieces. That means that the wood is through and through, not a veneer on a substrate. And that’s the biggest difference between the furniture that we carry and between a lot of dining room furniture that other furniture stores in the area carry, and especially the chairs.

Amish-made solid oak Madison side and arm chairs have a lumbar support for comfortable dining.