The Rochester Choice (run by the Democrat and Chronicle) awarded Amish Outlet & Gift Shop a Gold Medal in the Handcrafted Furniture Store category six times.

But we sell not only exceptional solid wood furniture made by the Amish masters. We sell high-quality living room upholstered furniture as well.

Quality Living Room Furniture in Rochester, NY

If you are looking for quality living room furniture in the Rochester, NY area, skipping visiting Amish Outlet & Gift Shop will be a big mistake. We confidently say that because so many times first-time visitors to our store admit that they wished they knew that we carry such an impressive collection of living room upholstered furniture.

The living room furniture in our store is not made by the Amish crafters, yet it goes well with the Amish furniture because we picked our manufacturers based on a few important to our buyers factors.

  • Compatibility: it goes well with the Amish furniture

  • Quality: is of very high quality

  • Durability: it is made to last

  • Customization: it has a lot of customization options so that you end up with what you really like

  • Eco-friendly: is made following sustainable practices

Annabel upholstered furniture by Best Home Furnishings

Annabel upholstered furniture by Best Home Furnishings

Traditional wing-back chair by Lancer

The main categories of the living room furniture we offer you are:

  • Sofas (including motion sofas)

  • Couches

  • Sectionals

  • Loveseats

  • Recliner chairs (recliners)

  • Armchairs

  • Gliders

Our chosen Living Room Furniture manufacturers

The two main manufacturers that supply us with living room furniture are Best Home Furnishings and Lancer. Over the last 20+ years, both of them have proven to be reliable partners for us, providing our buyers with exceptional quality furniture that people love. We have visited both of these living room furniture manufacturers numerous times to see their facilities, to discuss ways to personalize the furniture and to watch how the living furniture we sell is made.