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The Amish store is an awesome place to shop. They are very customer oriented, very help in making selections. They sent me home with samples of colors to help me make sure I make the right choice. They have High quality furniture and a Beautiful gift shop. You need to stop in!!!

Cindy L., A Google Review

Fantastic place with helpful staff and huge selection!

Bryan B. , A Google Review

We bought a WoodCraft playset from them back in 2007ish and recently decided to upgrade in June 2015. We ordered a new swing beam, glider, swings and swing disk. It arrived in about 2 weeks and although the design has changed a little since it’s now Childslife, the new pieces went together very easily.The kids are thrilled with the new additions. The unit has held up very well and we leave the swings out all winter. Everything is heavy duty. Definitely worth every penny.

Don K. , A Google Review

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